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Price List

Free Treatment:

Please note, NHS dental treatment is free to those that are:

  • Under 25

  • Pregnant women or mothers with a child under 12 months old

  • Unemployed and claiming benefits

  • Claiming working or child tax credits

  • Claiming pension credits

  • Claiming universal credit


Basic NHS Treatment Fees:

Check up

Two small x-rays                                                                      £5.44

Simple gum treatment (scale and polish)                     £12.36        Small amalgam (silver) filling                                               £8.44            Large amalgam (silver) filling                                               £21.60

Root canal treatment (front tooth)                                     £45.52

Single crown                                                                           £124.76

Simple extraction                                                                  £7.76

Complete (upper and lower) dentures                              £171.04

For a full list of charges, please speak to one of our highly trained receptionists by calling 01387 268739.

Our Treatment Guarantee:

Guarantee of Restorative Treatment

If you were provided with a restoration (filling, root filling, inlay, porcelain veneer or crown) as part of your course of treatment and it fails within 11 months your dentist will carry out any work needed to repair or replace the restoration free of charge.


Guarantee of Dental Appliances

If a dental appliance (dentures, bridges and braces) fails within 11 months it will also be repaired or replaced free of charge, However, if you lose or damage an appliance or it needs replaced due to wear and tear or if a tooth extraction has been done prior to fitting a new denture you will have to pay the NHS charge to replace it. 


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