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I would like to register here...

At our practice we are always welcoming new patients. If you would like to register with us you can contact us by telephone (01387 268739).Due to the current backlog,we've suspended registration of new patients till the end of 2022. 


I would like to re-register as a patient...

If you have been registered with us in the past but have not had an appointment for a considerable length of time it may be that you have been taken off our records. This can easily be fixed by you contacting the practice to update us with your current details. Once we have this information we can make you an appointment for a check up!


Benefits of registration...

  • Registration is free

  • You will receive a free NHS check up every 6 months

  • You will also receive all the care, advice and treatment you need to keep your teeth, mouth and gums healthy.

  • NHS does not cover any cosmetic treatments

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